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Good stuff

Caught every time. What more can you say. Great!

Brilliant hookable bait

Used these many times, when the fish are moody. Not taking hard pellets of any size, these are a great alternative


Very pleased with my sample bottle of sensate will definitely be ordering larger bottle for next outing on Bank

Raymond Peplow (ENG)

The first time I used this I couldn't believe it just like the old fisherman's tale the fish were lining up to be caught from now on Senate will be with me every time I go fishing

NEW Hookable Wafters
Mr Paul foden (ENG)
6mm or 8mm hookable wafters

I used both sizes but I only managed to catch on the darker brown colour in both sizes.. I used them on pole & pellet waggler. All my success came when the baits were hair-rigged on a bait bayonet. Didn't get a sniff when I hooked the pellets directly. This is obviously a specific preferencefor the fish at this particular venue, so I will try them again at a couple of other venues I have in mind and I will report back with my results.

Fjuka Weekender Pack
john poulter (ENG)
Lots of Fish

Using your bait, I caught lots of Bream up to 2lb and Roach up to 1lb. Thank you very much!

New baits to try

Fast delivery , good to use as a different bait on hard days

NEW Hookable Pop-ups
Nigel Haggar (ENG)
Hookable pop ups

Used in recent match on the method, caught on all colours.
Another fantastic addition to the bait range

NEW Hookable Wafters
Nigel Haggar (ENG)
Hookable wafters

Great addition to the bait range, used them recently and caught Bream and Tench on all colours

They are the best pre drlled pellets I've every used. Look forward fo my next order

Excellent product

Great product reasonable price and fast delivery but most of all they work.

David Armstrong (ENG)
Great Additive

I’ve used fkuka with great results when added to fishery pellets and also when added to groundbait.
I certainly feel it gives an added edge

Awesome baits

I have been using fauka for over 18 months now, its awesome and my go to bait.
The range of baits is getting bigger & better and the new additive is powerful attractant, awesome

Great booster

Used them several times lately put a couple of dozen in with pellet mix to load into feeders they have definitely improved my catch rate

Very satisfied with my purchase, will be purchasing again soon

gary thomas (ENG)
Great additive

Soaked some my 6mm feeding pellets and on some corn ...with great returns..
19 carp for over 149 pounds .....won match and had carp to 14lb.....

First time success

Used this Fjuka now at two seperate locations and had instant success at both - one river and one a Commercial Fishery. Red n yellow were winners in equal measure - very Happy!

Great bait

I have had some of these kicking about in my bait bag for over a year and last month tried them again, I wasn't doing very well up until then, but using a combination of red and yellow started getting fish,
so I have now stocked up on the hookable pellet size, and have also brought some wafters as the rivers I fish are very weedy and I am hoping this will help as well, I have already told my mates and I am
sure they will be buying some shortly if not already Many Thanks

Great bait for commercial fisheries

Used these baits recently on a commercial fishery, fish were going nuts for them!

Anglers' Choice 2022
Steven Fletcher (WLS)
First class

Excellent bait and so easy to use, what more can you say!

Just brilliant

Can't beat the micros. Such a versatile feed bait.

2 in1 Micros White, Red, Black

Easy to use, long lasting and versitile. Great addition to any bait tray.

Totally blown away

I've used your products for yrs and always been happy ordered my sample bottle tried for an hour no bites then put a few drops on my bait wow I need more please this is just a few what I caught

A bit expensive.

Have yet to try it. But have faith it will work as all your hook baits work very well. I thought the sample was small and a bit expensive. Hope the one in the shops is a decent size and price.

Wow.. Great bait for Lake fishing.. distance and margins.. keep up the great work guys