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First Sensate

Turned a hard cold day into what felt like a good spring session. Sensate soaked micros made the difference!

Best bait I've used


Fishing was slow so I tried Sensate and I started to catch and no one else did what else can you say it works

Fjuka Neonz Green Machine

Should be renamed 'Green Catching Machine'. Carp and bream absolutely love these. Only used it a couple of times but already had several double figure carp and quality bream. Another winner from Fjuka baits.

NEW Hookable Wafters
Trevor Bamford (ENG)

Started to use these after no bites on usual pellets and wafters other people were struggling to get bite's but I started to catch steadily whilst using these with a couple of drops of sensate on wafters


Used this with 2mm micros in a feeder with Fjuka wafters with just a couple of drops on the wafter caught some really nice carp . Previously I was using normal wafters with little attention at all so in my opinion it seems to draw the fish in .

Excellent 1.5 hrs

Hi this additive really works as I went to my normal venue were the week before everyone was struggling due to the weather simular weather this week but with sensate added to micros as feed and maggots was in for around 5 mins and carp to 3 lb, had 12 carp averaging 3-5 lbs in 1.5hrs and lost 5 ill let you decide but I will definitely buy more.


These are a great presentation bait !


Not used it yet weather not to good

Fjuka Barbel Pack
John Fincham (ENG)
Barbel Pack

I have not used this bait as of yet. It was bought with coming River Season in mind. At the time the price was very good, plus the products long Shelf Life.
However I might give a go on a local still water venue.

Fjuka Barbel Pack
michael spriggs (ENG)
Very good product

Looking forward to new season on the river
To use this exceptional bait

The Full Fjuka
Chris Whitehouse (ENG)
Getting ready

Needed new bait so thought would give it a go ready for 8th april. Good package for the price Tight lines

Getting ready

Bought this for the 1st time ready for a trip with my sons, lets see how it goes

The Full Fjuka
Scott Wing (ENG)
Pre season treat

Products arrived promptly and notified all the from ordering , very please when arrived, cant wait to try and have tight lines on the flouro pellets , got some good local commercials to attack.
Will be back for more

NEW Hookable Wafters
Martin Southern (SA)
Could not fail!!!

I had some of the Fjuka baits sent over to Australia to try out on the fish down here. I tried them for the first time last weekend and wow did the fish like them!!

I used 8mm hookable wafters on a hybrid feeder with home recipe groundbait. What a result -a bite on every cast over a 4/hour session including a 4lb common on the very first cast. It didn’t matter what colour I used the fish took them all, some within seconds of the bait hitting the water.

I really can’t wait to get back out on the bank with a Fjuka bait on the end of the line!!! YouTube video placeholder
Carp magnet !!!!

I had started my day on a hybrid feeder with ready pellets and a single piece of corn. I could see fish feeding in my swim but they would not entertain giving themselves up to my well thought out trap. After an hour of this frustration I decided to swap over to the float and just a single piece of corn , again nothing !!! Short of throwing my rod and reel into the lake I was at a loss as to what to do ???
I was going through my bag looking for another bait and possibly van other edge to get one over in these crafty carp.
I found my Sensate and gave the remaining a good squirt and mixed it around to make sure it was covering every grain , litterally 30 seconds after putting the float out again with a new piece of Sensate soaked corn the disappeared and I wax into my first carp. An hour later I had landed a total of 11 all on Sensate soaked corn , an absolute game changing combination in my opinion.
Picture is the first of many I managed to bank that day

NEW Hookable Pop-ups
Darren Bayliss (SCT)

Fast delivery not tryed these yet

NEW Hookable Wafters
Darren Bayliss (SCT)
Great product

I love them and the fish love them even more ☺️

NEW Hookable Wafters
So far so good

Tried them at my local lake and had carp and bream on numerous colors.

Jury out

As yet to try but keen to give it a go.
Caught well on the hookable wafters so should be good.

Yet to be confirmed

Have trialed it once on a local commercial fishery but as yet no success. Will give it another go asap

top bait

love them

top bait

great bait i love them

top bait

very pleased as normal great addition to my bait box

Awesome stuff

Used this stuff in a match ,and absolutely nailed it ,fish just came & came ,amazing